yacht delivery

Boat Buyer's Consultant

Based on our personal experience on board at least 40 different makes of sailboats and at least 20 different makes of tugs, trawlers and motor-yachts, we can provide seasoned, practical and unbiased guidance.

Are you purchasing your first boat?

If you are contemplating the purchase of your first boat, we welcome the opportunity of working with you to evaluate your experience and then to better define your specific requirements and thereby refine, simplify and de-mystify your search. Have you considered the possible need for vessel familiarization or additional instruction? Would bareboat chartering, or a time-share, be worthwhile options before committing to a purchase?

Are you returning to boating?

If so, we are sure to be able to get you to start asking the questions necessary to refine the search for a suitable boat, to undertake the vitally important independent research to help you make an informed decision, and to provide experienced, unbiased advice on vessels matching your desires.

Are you planning a significant upgrade?

If you are upgrading, unless one has the experience and confidence to commission the construction of a custom-built vessel, any production boat will inevitably be the result of some necessary compromise. Let me help you define what you consider to be the most important requirements for your particular anticipated needs.

Post-Purchase: boat handling skills, delivery to home port.

As well as advice on vessel evaluation, we typically also provide follow-up support through the purchase phase and beyond with assistance in vessel familiarization, instruction and/or owner-assisted deliveries, if required. While we cannot, and will not, tell anyone which boat to buy,  we are certain to be able to provide experienced guidance and help on which boat not to buy!

Please contact us at your earliest opportunity so that together we may begin the search for your ideal boat. we look forward to hearing from you and to working with you.